3D Printing

3D Print Labs at the El Dorado Hills and South Lake Tahoe libraries offer different services.  Please check the library you plan to visit to find out what services are available at that location. 


  • Printing is free! There is no charge for materials or time, though donations are welcome.
  • You may print one project per month.
  •  You must have a current El Dorado County Library card, in good standing, to print or to pick up a completed project. Need a card? Download the adult application here or the children's application here.
  • All print projects must be approved by a 3D Print Lab library staff member or volunteer.
  • The library reserves the right to refuse any print requests.
  • You may not use the Library's 3D printers to print:
    • material prohibited by law or by library 3D Print Lab guidelines
    • weapons, weapon parts, or weapon models
    • inappropriate content
    • print jobs exceeding allotted time, depending on library branch